Bad Religion live at Nova Rock 2022 DVD


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Bad Religion live at Nova Rock 2022 DVD

DVD Format: NTSC
Source: ProShot (Multicam Camera)
Video Quality: Rating: 9
Menus: No
Chapter Selection: Every 5 Min
Widescreen: Yes
HD: Yes
Total Running Time: 1h 05Min.


New Dark Ages 0:00
Recipe for Hate 2:35
Punk Rock Song 4:52
Los Angeles Is Burning 8:03
Epiphany 11:17
Suffer 14:47
Come Join Us 17:36
End of History 19:39
Fuck You 22:25
We’re Only Gonna Die 26:34
Dept. of False Hope 29:03
Do What You Want 32:14
Atomic Garden 34:03
Slumber 36:41
Anesthesia 39:17
Along the Way 42:41
You 45:28
American Jesus 47:35
Infected 50:50
Sorrow 55:03
I Want to Conquer the World 58:19
21st Century (Digital Boy) 1:00:41


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