EAGLES Video Collection 2024 DVD


EAGLES Video Collection 2024 DVD

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EAGLES Video Collection 2024 DVD

DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Pro-Shot (Multi Camera)
Video Quality: Rating: 9.0
Menus: YES
Widescreen :YES
Chapter Selection: YES
Total Running Time: 1Hr 2min



1. Hotel California (Live 1977)
2. Take It Easy (Live on MTV 1994)
3. Desperado
4. I Cant Tell You Why (Official Video)
5. Take It To The Limit (Live 1977)
6. Lyin Eyes (Live 1977)
7. Tequila Sunrise (Live From Melbourne) (Official Video)
8. Life in the Fast Lane (Live on MTV 1994)
9. In The City (Official Video)
10. The Best of My Love (Live 1977)
11. No More Cloudy Days (Live) (Official Video)
12. How Long (Official Video)
13. Hole In The World
14. Busy Being Fabulous (Official Video)





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