EURYTHMICS Live In Rome 1989 DVD


EURYTHMICS Live In Rome 1989 DVD

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EURYTHMICS Live In Rome 1989 DVD

DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Pro -Shot (Multi Camera)
Video Quality: Rating: 8
Menus: YES
Chapter Selection: No Skips every 5 Min
Total Running Time: 1h 18min



We Two Are One
I Love You Like A Ball And Chain
I Need A Man
Love Is A Stranger
Don’t Ask Me Why
There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)
Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves
I Need You
You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart
Here Comes The Rain Again
Would I Lie To You
It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)
Right By Your Side
When Tomorrow Comes
My My (Baby’s Gonna Cry)
Missionary Man
The King And Queen Of America
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
Who’s That Girl?
When The Day Goes Down



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